What Is 4-Axis Milling?

D&E Machine Co. is known for our excellent CNC turning and milling capabilities that have gone above and beyond for our customers. Did you know we also have 4-axis milling capabilities?  D&E Machine explains what 4-axis milling is and what industries it can benefit. What Is CNC Milling? CNC milling is a machining process involving [...]

How Does an Ice Ball Machine Work for Best Results?

D&E Machine Co. in Lebanon, Ohio, is known for its amazing engineering and CNC machining work. But did you know that D&E created and patented a popular type of American-made ice ball machine used by many companies in the high-end spirits industry? But what is an ice ball machine and how does it work? D&E [...]

What Industries Benefit From CNC Machining?

When learning about the CNC machining process, many people wonder what industries use CNC machined parts and components. You might be surprised to learn that most industries benefit from CNC machined parts in some way. D&E Machine discusses several important industries that rely on CNC turning and milling for their products and services. What Is [...]

The History of D&E Machine

D&E Machine Co has been serving the Lebanon, Ohio, area for over 50 years now, but do you know where we came from? In this blog, D&E Machine discusses our beginnings and how our company was led to where we are today. It Started in a Garage Like many great businesses, D&E Machine began in [...]

CNC Lathe Parts and Terminology

A CNC lathe is essential to the machining process, but what is it exactly? In this blog, D&E Machine explains CNC lathe parts and terminology. What is a CNC lathe? A CNC lathe, also known as a turning machine, is the main tool used in CNC turning. It is operated by Computer Numerical Controls, so [...]

CNC Milling FAQs

Are you new to CNC milling and the products it can produce? CNC milling has a lot of new terminology for most, but it is easy to understand. In this blog, D&E Machine explains some CNC milling frequently asked questions and answers. What is CNC milling? CNC milling is a machining process involving rotating tools [...]

What Types of Parts Can We Make With CNC Turning or Milling?

You probably use products of CNC turning and CNC milling every day without realizing it. If you have a car, use electronics, or use any kind of machinery it likely has parts that have been made using one of these processes. In this blog, D&E Machine explains CNC turning and CNC milling, and what kinds [...]

CNC Milling and Turning Terminology

CNC turning and milling are important services for our clients, but if they are new to machining they may feel overwhelmed by all the new terminology. Though it sounds complicated, most of the terms are actually fairly simple once you understand the machining process D&E Machine will go over basic machining terminology and phrases. What [...]

How Does a CNC Lathe Work to Deliver Precision-Made Parts?

A CNC lathe is a valuable machine for creating just about anything from industrial items to robotics parts.  Using precise specifications from a computer program, a CNC lathe removes parts of a material to create the exact object specified. It can also be used to reverse engineer parts that are obsolete or that you can [...]

CNC Turning Services FAQs

D&E Machine has more than 40 years of experience machining parts for your industrial equipment. We can reverse engineer something, make a brand-new part to your specifications, and produce a rare part that you can’t order because it is no longer made. One of the ways we do this is through CNC turning, a machining [...]