Our client, is a world renowned expert on electric motors and generators. For several years, D&E Machine Co. has been this individual’s go-to machine shop for prototyping services. As a trusted machining source, we were contracted by this client to build and test-run five absorption dynamometers. This device is used for gauging a machine’s mechanical power, measuring the output or driving torque of a rotating machine. University students needed this device to simulate power on a Navy Ship in order to create software to help the Navy gain more efficiency from the ship’s motors.

Without the use of drawings, D&E was able to CNC machine and assemble multiple absorption dynamometers based solely on student specifications and descriptions of the device. Using Mastercam Cad Cam software, we designed and built this machine to exceed our client’s specific product requirements. We also performed a test-run of each dynamometer to ensure proper performance. In addition, D&E wrote the instruction manual for these products and provided a tool set with each unit.

With no drawings available, D&E Machine Company was able to successfully design and build 5 high-performance absorption dynamometers for a client from the University of Florida. Meeting our customer’s high expectations for quality, we delivered these products to the University within a six week turnaround period.

Absorption Dynamometer

Absorption Dynamometer

Ice Ball Machine Prototype

Absorption Dynamometer Designed and Built

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Ice Ball Machine Prototype

CNC Machined Absorption Dynamometer



CNC machined, assembled and test run Absorption Dynamometer for University software development for improving energy efficiency on naval ships.

Capabilities Applied Printing Processes CNC Turning and Milling, Forming, Welding, Engineering, Drafting, Assembly, Electrical
Packaging Crated for shipment
Special Feature Five unique horse powered motors on one dyno cart.  To run a specific motor, the student will attach the generator to the motor.  Each motor has its own gauge for collecting data.
Industry for Use Education, Military, Energy
Volume 5 units
Delivery Time 6 weeks
Delivery Location University of Florida
Product Name Absorption Dynamometer
Project Scope Design, build and test run each dynamometer.  Write instruction manual and provide tool set for each.
Design Work Design and build by D&E using Mastercam Cad Cam software
Product Description Our customer is a world renowned expert on electric motors and generators.  We have been his go-to machine shop for several years for prototypes.  D&E was able to create the dynamometer which is a device for measuring mechanical power, especially one that measure the output or driving torque of a rotating machine, for the University with no drawings only specifications and a description of the dynamometer.  The University’s students needed to simulate power on a Navy Ship in order to create software to aid the Navy in getting more efficiency from the ship’s motors.