Catering mainly to bench-top and large floor assemblies, D&E Machine Company offers custom manufacturing assembly services that have met the needs of most regional businesses, including steel mills as well as second and third tier automotive industry suppliers. We also handle electro-mechanical and hydraulic mechanical assemblies. Our strength is in creating and manufacturing fixtures for work holding and assembly as well as end-of-arm tooling for robotic cells. At D&E, we provide just-in-time manufacturing of all small-run production or one-off prototyping of complex components.

Our manufacturing assembly services help local farmers with OEM replacement parts and reverse engineering of obsolete parts they can’t buy anymore. Providing just-in-time service at competitive prices, we invite you to contact D&E Machine Company, a machine shop in Ohio to learn more about our manufacturing assembly services. Feel free to look at some of our past projects in our portfolio or with our success stories, such as a military-grade absorption dynamometer.


Recent Manufacturing Assembly

Manufacturing Assembly Services Specifications:

General Capabilities Custom
Industry Focus Auto/Truck/Transportation  (2nd& 3rd tier supplier)
Design& Build
Farm – replacement parts & reverse engineering of
Food – parts for food equipment
Government agencies
Industrial Maintenance
Machine Tool
Medical Prototyping & Equipment Mfg.
Oil Field
Plastic Blow Molding
Product Development
Steel Mills
Assembly Service Bench Top Assembly
Large Floor Assembles
Turn Key Assembly
Turn Key Assembly refers to the complete assembly of a customer’s finished product.
Assembled Products
Welded Assemblies
Additional Services Provided Design