D&E Machine Company recently CNC machined 3 metering adjustment cones for the oil field industry. These cones are a component of a down-hole testing machine used for oil wells. Based on customer supplied drawings, the cones were constructed from 4130 hot finished steel to measure precisely 11 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter, with a 1 inch wall thickness. In addition, the material used for making these cones was quenched and tempered 125 KSI minimum per client specifications.

Ice Ball Machine Prototype

Metering Adjustment Cone

Ice Ball Machine Prototype

Oilfield Metering Adjustment Cone

Ice Ball Machine Prototype

Traceable Metering Adjustment Cone

After the part was machined complete, we then performed full dimensional inspections of each part. Gages were supplied by the customer for checking each part’s accuracy.  In order to ensure that the cones met precise client specifications, we performed a series of magnetic particle, hardness, e-nickel, and zinc phosphate tests. We also made the cones traceable. Once assured that the metering adjustment cones met all of our client’s unique product requirements, we then delivered the completed units to our client’s facility in Texas.

Within a short, 8 week turnaround period, D&E was able to successfully manufacture 3 metering adjustment cones for the oil field industry, exceeding our client’s high expectations for quality.

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CNC Machined Metering Adjustment Cone for the Oil Field Industry made from 4130 Hot Finished Steel.

Capabilities Applied Printing Processes CNC Turning and CNC Milling with 4th Axis
Material Type 4130 Hot Finished Steel Tubing
Material Thickness 3” Diameter X 1” Wall.  Material was quenched and tempered 125 KSI Minimum per customer specification
Product Length 11″
Material Finish Electroless Nickel and Zinc Phosphate per customer specifications
Secondary Operations Applied Magnetic Particle Test, Hardness Test, E-Nickel and Zinc Phosphate per customer’s specifications
Industry for Use Oil Field
Volume 3 parts
Delivery Time 8 weeks
Delivery Location Texas
Product Name Metering Adjustment Cone
Project Scope Make part complete per customer supplied drawing including certifications of the material and all the secondary operations.  Gages were supplied by the customer for checking accuracy of the part.  100% dimensional inspection of the part required.  Traceability also required.
Design Work Drawing supplied by customer
Product Description This part is a component of down hole testing equipment for oil well tests.