You probably use products of CNC turning and CNC milling every day without realizing it. If you have a car, use electronics, or use any kind of machinery it likely has parts that have been made using one of these processes.

In this blog, D&E Machine explains CNC turning and CNC milling, and what kinds of components they can create.

What is the difference between CNC turning and CNC milling?

CNC refers to “Computer Numerical Control”, and in both CNC turning and milling a computer program is used to instruct the lathe or milling machine on how to cut apart. There is a key difference between the two processes, however.

In CNC turning, the material being cut is spun quickly while the tools around it remain stationary. The material to be cut (which is often metal or wood) is held tightly by a part called the chuck, and spun at high speeds against the tools. You can think of this process as “turning” the material.

In CNC milling, the material being cut is stationary while the cutting tools around it move. The computer program controls the movement of the tools to create very precise cuts and shapes in the material to achieve the desired finished product.

What parts can you make with CNC turning?

The high-powered spinning of the CNC turning process makes it ideal for creating cylindrical parts that are hollow on the inside. 

CNC turning can create things like:

  • Screws
  • Nuts
  • Shafts
  • Connectors
  • Machine parts
  • Car parts
  • Electrical Parts
  • Computer parts

What parts can you make with CNC milling?

CNC milling is fairly versatile and can make just about anything that needs precision drilling. It can make parts and components for most industries.

CNC milling can create things like:

  • Machine components
  • Car parts
  • Farm vehicle parts
  • Jewelry 
  • Medical tools
  • Electronics
  • Instruments
  • Military equipment

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D&E Machine Provides CNC Turning and Milling

The team at D&E Machine can reproduce or reverse engineer just about anything that can fit within the parameters of our CNC lathe or milling machines. We have many success stories on our website where we were able to exceed the needs of our customers.
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