When learning about the CNC machining process, many people wonder what industries use CNC machined parts and components. You might be surprised to learn that most industries benefit from CNC machined parts in some way.

D&E Machine discusses several important industries that rely on CNC turning and milling for their products and services.

What Is CNC Machining?

Computer numerical control machining, or CNC machining, is the process of manufacturing parts using computer software to design out the component, followed by a CNC lathe or milling machine to cut it out from raw material. Because they are cut to the specifications of the program, these parts are incredibly precise and can be reproduced fairly quickly.

Raw materials for cutting can include steel, aluminum, and other metals, as well as plastics.

What Common Industries Use CNC Machining?

As stated above, most industries benefit from CNC machined parts. But some industries have begun to rely on it more than others simply because it creates highly precise parts in a short time frame.

Auto Industry

CNC milling and turning processes have found an essential place in the auto industry, mainly because it provides a quick and precise way to manufacture components. CNC machining can work with a variety of metals and materials. It can also be used to reverse engineer parts that may be hard to find or no longer made for older collector’s cars.

Agricultural Industry

Much like the auto industry, CNC machining can be used to reverse engineer replacement parts for heavy farm equipment, like tractors, or create specialty tools. 

Medical Industry

CNC machining has become important for the medical industry, which often needs exact components for things like surgery and equipment. It has been used to make parts for medical equipment, precise tools, and even custom parts and prototypes. And because CNC milling can work with just about any type of raw material, metals can be used that produce safe, durable tools the medical field can use.

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Electronics Industry

This industry relies heavily on CNC machined parts to make components for our everyday electronic devices, including phones, computers, televisions, video game consoles, and more. CNC machining is an easy way to get consistently precise tiny pieces that are reasonably quick and cheap to reproduce.


CNC machining can be used to produce gun and weapon parts, military equipment components, machinery parts, and more. This is especially true for outdated equipment that doesn’t have replacement parts.

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