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CNC Lathe Parts and Terminology

A CNC lathe is essential to the machining process, but what is it exactly? In this blog, D&E Machine explains CNC lathe parts and terminology. What is a CNC lathe? A CNC lathe, also known as a turning machine, is the main tool used in CNC turning. It is operated by Computer Numerical Controls, so [...]

CNC Milling and CNC Turning Terminology

CNC turning and milling are important services for our clients, but if they are new to machining they may feel overwhelmed by all the new terminology. Though it sounds complicated, most of the terms are actually fairly simple once you understand the machining process D&E Machine will go over basic CNC terminology and phrases. What [...]

How Does a CNC Lathe Work to Deliver Precision-Made Parts?

A CNC lathe is a valuable machine for creating just about anything from industrial items to robotics parts.  Using precise specifications from a computer program, a CNC lathe removes parts of a material to create the exact object specified. It can also be used to reverse engineer parts that are obsolete or that you can [...]