A CNC lathe is a valuable machine for creating just about anything from industrial items to robotics parts. 

Using precise specifications from a computer program, a CNC lathe removes parts of a material to create the exact object specified. It can also be used to reverse engineer parts that are obsolete or that you can no longer order replacements for.

The CNC lathe is an important machine that D&E Machine uses to create precision parts for our customers.

What is a CNC lathe machine? 

A CNC lathe is a machine that is operated by computer numerical controls (CNC) to do precision work on materials. The machine holds and spins the material while cutting tools are mounted around it to do the shaping.

How does a CNC lathe work?

The material to be cut is clamped in the machine and spun quickly on the spindle. Tools are in stationary positions around the material and are used to do the cutting. Turning is used to refer to the rotation of the part, so you may often hear them referred to as CNC turning machines.

The machine is operated using a computer that gives the machine the specification on how to cut and shape the material.

What types of material can a CNC lathe work on?

CNC lathes are typically used to work on various types of metals, though some are softer to work with than others. The most commonly used types are aluminum, brass, and steel. These machines can also be used to cut wood, plastics, and foam.

D&E Machine has successfully used hot and cold rolled steel, fiberglass reinforced plastics, and PVC, as well as aluminum and stainless steel. We can work with our customers to find out what material works best for their industry.

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What kind of precision work can a CNC lathe do?

CNC machining is a “subtractive” process, meaning you start with a material and take parts away to form the desired result. The machine can be programmed to carve out just about any kind of tool, from automobile frames and parts, toys, gears, and cylindrical objects that have both an inner and outer diameter.

D&E Machine Provides CNC Lathe Services

The team at D&E Machine can reproduce or reverse engineer just about anything that can fit within the parameters of our CNC lathe. We have many success stories on our website where we were able to exceed the needs of our customers.
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